Saturday, Jan. 8, 2005

Okay people. I'm gonna break this down for y'all one time.

Christmas is over! Take down your Goddamn lights! Really. It was nice while it lasted but now its over. Let it go.

There is no slow, gradual way to do this. Just stop. Much like peeling a band-aid or shooting yourself in the head: the longer you drag it out, the more painful its going to be.

As strongly as I feel about this, however, I should still let you know that there are exceptions to this mandate. If you're ignorant, lazy white trash and your lights are always up year-round, then this doesn't apply to you. Its not that there's anything wrong with you guys per se. You just don't give a fuck and I'm cool with that. Carry on.

I'm talking to the people who put their lights up somewhere around November 5th and then neglect to take them down until just short of Valentine's Day. You guys are way too enamored with the idea of hanging little, colored lights on your homes, and as a result, are all fucked in the head. Stop it. Take them down and start worrying about your taxes.

Fuck you,
Nicholas V Ferrell