Sometime in 2000, 12:33am


Andy Nelson was digging through his archive of past recordings when he stumbled upon this gem from the vaults.

Way back in 2000, everyone's favorite lush, Mike Ciorlieri was at a party at our friend, Jeff Donios's house. After knocking back about twelve or thirteen too many, Mike decided to pick up the phone and, while posing as Jeff, proceeded to let loose with another one of his patented drunken diatribes on the Nelson family answering machine.

Too drunk to realize that everyone at the number he's calling is probably asleep, Mike blames his unanswered call on Pat and Andy's sister, Laura using the phone line for the internet (these were still the days of dial-up). Luckily, Andy was able to catch this one before his parents checked their messages.

Listen closely at the end to hear where Mike tries to push the "end call" button on the phone he's calling from. He hits a number key instead as he unknowingly remains on the line and curses at a girl who is most likely Jeff's sister, Stacey. Hilarious!